Friday, April 17, 2009

More Sex

I find that the more sex I have, the more sex I want. Luckily when my boyfriend is busy, I have phone sex, a fucking machine and many sex toys to satisfy me. They don't replace my bf but they sure make me feel good until he is able to.

I'm easy to reach at



  1. Hello Elaine,
    It seems I maybe the first, other than your lovely self, to post here! I feel so honoured!

    Your writing is wonderful and, as a published author, I hope we do a lot of 'work' together - I'm not sure that work is the correct word - I'm sure you know exactly what I mean
    Big hug and continued success
    Lord Marty

  2. is a business I used to run on the net. it was fun and what better than gold and diamonds oh yes -- Elaine!!!!
    Lord Marty