Saturday, August 25, 2012

Down Under

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Agreeing to meet a stranger she met at an online dating site, leads to a night of sexual adventures at a fine dining establishment.


Arriving at the elegant restaurant at 7:40pm, I asked the maitre d' for Tim's table. He brought me to a rounded booth fit for 4, in clear view of some nearby tables. I asked if there was a mistake since we would only be 2. He told me there was no mistake and I thought I saw a smirk on his face as he left. The red tablecloth with a setting for two reassured me as I nervously looked at my watch. At exactly 7:50pm the waiter arrived with a note on a small plate and placed it on the table. It said "Seated at the table just up ahead are 2 of my friends. They will be getting up and coming to your table. I will be joining shortly. Have fun." I looked up and could see two very attractive men, one black and one white, approaching.

"Tim said you were expecting us," said the taller one of the two.

"Can we join you?" said the other. I nodded since I was too shocked to do anything else. They sat on either side of me and the waiter brought over a bottle of champagne, obviously preordered I realized. After our glasses were filled, I heard something drop to the ground. The dark-skinned man suddenly excused himself to pick it up when I felt my skirt being lifted, my nylons being torn and a finger making its way in my pussy. I was about to react when the still seated one starting fondling my mound.

Squirming in my seat, I was suddenly aware of a guy sitting where the two men were originally seated. “Oh my god, it's Tim,” I mumbled. He had been watching and smiling from afar. I moaned softly when I suddenly felt my lace panties being pulled down and off, my legs spread wide, and something being poured in my pussy. It was then that I noticed the missing glass of champagne. I bit my lip to keep from moaning loudly as I felt my cunt being licked fervently from the man below me.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

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