Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Phone Sex Is Serious Business


Don't believe everything you watch. Last night I saw a cute little movie about 2 girls operating a phone sex business. It made it seem like one day you can decide to become a PSO (phone sex operator) and the same day your phone number is set up and so is your billing process.

To top it off, they said Paypal could be used and unless things have changed, that is false. Paypal actually put a hold on... my account FOR 6 months years ago for having some payments from my adult social group. They stated that they didn't allow adult businesses to be linked to Paypal.

In the movie, one girl joined the other and immediately had clients. Lucky gal. In real life, regulars take time to accumulate. In this unresearched version, PSOs earn $800 in one night, $12,000 in 3 weeks. Hardly typical earnings especially with one being new. Advertising didn't seem necessary until later on and when they did it, they used themselves. This wouldn't happen in reality. Phone sex is selling fantasies and unless the PSO is using a cam, it's unlikely she would be using her real pic in any ads.

The phone they used, a pink old style type, suddenly had speakerphone capability (yeah, right) and they charged $4.99 a minute. That's fine if they are financial domination PSOs but the typcial regular charge is more like $1.99 a minute.

The part that bothered me most is the stereotypical PSO faking it while doing other things, in this case they were walking around and moaning. I will tell you that only lousy PSOs are like that. I personally get comfortable in bed and have my sex toy ready. When a guy doesn't arouse me (most do but some don't), my handly toy will. There are no fake moans and no multi-tasking. I pay attention to what the client wants and I want him happy and most of all, satisfied.